Greta Stogner. She's the
Insurance Lady. Dot Net.
As introduced by her close associate, Charlotte Fauxchanel.

Did you know buying insurance can be fun? Well, of course it can't. But visiting with my good friend Greta Stogner is fun. And it makes the chore of digging through deductibles, disabilities and decedents bearable.

See, Greta has spent boucoup years learning the ins and outs and whereabouts of the insurance business so you don't have to.

She's authorized and certified. And she looks great in spite of it.

She knows the right questions to ask to match you with the ideal (read "cheapest") policy with the best coverage. She translates insurance-speak into Texan (with an accent to match).

Thinking of Using an Independent Insurance Agent?

When shopping for the best independent agent check to see if they're certified by Independent Insurance Agents of America or Professional Insurance Agents (PIA). Both require continual schooling and promote ethical standards. Then realize that they may still not "live up to their claims."

The important thing to do is ask their customers. Find out if your potential agent is there when you need advice and guidance and there when you have to file a claim. Check for complaints with the Texas Department of Insurance and the Better Business Bureau.

Make sure your potential agent participates in continuing education. You may not tell by looking, but the insurance world does not stand still. It's important to your pocketbook that your agent be informed on state requirements and laws and also knows where the discounts are. More about independent agents...

I've actually had agents ask me "how much liability do you want to carry?" Now I know about carrying a nine pound baby to term (including 49 hours of labor). I know about carrying on a conversation with the dryer repair man, two young children, my mother on the phone and a husband waiting on hold. I can carry a tune (kind of) or a concealed firearm. But I have no notion of how much liability to carry.Greta understands me.

And the best thing is, with Greta in charge I feel safe. I'm confident that all those inevitable disasters will be met by an equal and opposite reaction.

Believe me; I know she's there in a crisis. Crisis is my middle name.

She's not above it herself. Two teenage boys, iffy plumbing, rental property and a considerable daily commute in Dallas traffic. Greta knows disaster!

Greta is truly a friend in the business. She's no stiff. Wears great jewelry. Can slap a meal together in under a half hour. Dresses her husband respectably. And has a terrific sense of humor.

You'll like her, too. I recommend you call before your policies are up for renewal and tell her Char sent you.

Charlotte Fauxchanel