Let's Face It, Insurance is One of Those Necessary Evils

I could study up and find just the right insurance coverage at the right price for me and my family. I could watch my nail polish dry. I could read the toaster manual. I could study box scores. Instead, I found Greta Stogner, insurance guru. We talked--in English, not insurance-ese--and she found me better coverage for a lower rate than I had been paying. Would you do your own income taxes or work on your own car? I wouldn't even carry my own luggage. Get a pro. I recommend Greta.

Insurance is one of those things you gotta have. Like a social security number or dental hygiene. If you drive a car, most states (Texas) mandate that you have at least minimum liability coverage so you can pay for whatever you hit. And the only reason to stop at liability is if you're a male teenage driver pushing a pimped up fourteen-year-old Kia.

Insurance is boring. That's one problem with it. On the fun-o-meter, shopping for insurance ranks with cleaning rain gutters and plucking eyebrows on the zero side. Grown men have taken out the trash, vacuumed the living room and changed the kid's diapers to avoid evaluating comprehensive coverages.

Insurance is a pain. But you want to feel safe and confident that almost any property loss is temporary. You need affordable coverage that allows you a good night's sleep without the narcolepsy associated with choosing a policy.

Good news! Greta Stogner compares policies and thinks about bodily injury liability for a living. So you don't have to! She considers it her sworn duty to make sure you've got the maximum protection at the minimum rate.

The old adage "insure and be sure" only applies if you really are sure. Talk to somebody that (1.) knows her stuff, and (2.) knows you. Greta Stogner can demonstrate number one. Number two is up to you. Call Greta.

Charlotte Fauxchanel can rapid-fire rattle off fifty less-than-pleasant things she'd rather do than shop for insurance, like brush her cat's teeth. You probably have a thing or two, yourself. Check the list and add to it if you like.