What would you rather do than shop for insurance?

We asked. Charlotte Fauxchanel rattled off fifty things before taking a breath. Insurance can be fun. Not. Otherwise well-adjusted adults would rather:

  1. Welcome an unannounced visit from mother-in-law
  2. business-insurance-texasShop for shoes (in Baghdad)
  3. Get a pedicure and facial…from your 3-year old
  4. Get arrested for a minor offense
  5. Drink alone on New Year's Eve
  6. Parallel park
  7. Enjoy an eyebrow wax
  8. Nap under a tree (filled with well-fed birds)
  9. car insurance TexasAlphabetize the spice cabinet
  10. Clean the garage
  11. Clean a neighbor's garage
  12. Change the A/C filter
  13. Attend a dysfunctional family reunion
  14. Benefit from a root canal (hey, you do get anesthetic)
  15. Watch a C-SPAN marathon
  16. Watch three coats of paint dry, one at a time
  17. Kill bathroom mold
  18. Have pores vacuumed
  19. Vacuum under the couch
  20. homeowners insurance TexasRe-enter the Earth's atmosphere
  21. Get great highlights with a bad haircut
  22. Four putt after the day's best drive
  23. Initiate conversation on a first date
  24. Go antiquing…in a land fill
  25. Attend a wine tasting with a construction crew
  26. Discover the ice cream sandwiches bought yesterday are gone (and no property insurance Texasone else is around)
  27. Attend a special meeting called by the kid's principal
  28. Sleep on 50 thread-count sheets
  29. Win the battle and lose the war
  30. Win a bet…against a favorite team
  31. Apply corn plasters
  32. Expect the Spanish Inquisition
  33. Figure out which clicker works the television
  34. Receive spam and realize the message applies
  35. motorcycle insurance, TexasMake less money than the ex's new spouse
  36. Add ten pounds before the reunion
  37. Have your credit card rejected at a busy restaurant
  38. Have a portrait taken…at the DMV
  39. Read War and Peace, in the original Russian
  40. Burn the old maternity clothes…too soon
  41. Get frisked in the airport security line the day before Thanksgiving
  42. Admit mother was right
  43. Admit the boss was right
  44. boat insurance, TexasEat a dozen oysters in a month with no "R" in it
  45. Find blessed relief and discover someone was standing nearby
  46. Finally find a lost earring after tossing its mate
  47. Prove the scales in the doctor’s office are wrong (they're light)
  48. Walk on burning coals (the dog has knocked over the grill)
  49. Seek nirvana but stop at partial suffering

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