If You Haven't Reviewed Your Policies in a While, You Probably Can Get a Better Rate.

Charlotte's Opinion

Allow me to insert my size seven toes here. My name is Charlotte Fauxchanel. I know approximately nothing about insurance because, after reasonable consideration, I find it to be a hideously boring topic. I choose instead to know Greta Stogner. While not a boring person herself, she somehow sees the beauty in a carefully planned deductible.

Insurance. Choose protection over price.Judging by all the hype, the first rule of any insurance consumption is "get a lower rate." And, from most insurance advertising we learn that every company offers a lower rate. Go to Greta's online quotes pages and get a lower rate if you must.

But do this for Charlotte. Expect more for less. Don't settle for a lower rate at the expense of coverage or service. Be sure what you get fits. Your situation, your risk tolerance, your budget. I don't know about you, but that's where I need help. Don't come cryin' to me 'cause you think you're getting a steal on pair of Manolo Blahniks only to notice later they're spelled "Blahnix" and actually disintegrate when exposed to natural light.

If you're more interested in the minutiae of insurance, this website spells it out for you. Knock yourself out. Me, I'm mixing a mango-tini and watchin' Oprah.